Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Solving The bX-994eaq & bX-ru6d8m Errors

For your information, this is not an official bypass procedure, nor a hack. I merely chanced to get lucky and somehow managed to bypass the error codes. I know it could get very frustrating getting the same error repeatedly. Trust me, I've faced that a lot of times, and it's why I'm writing this post, hoping you just might get lucky too. The good news is I'm always lucky and so are others who've read this post, at least I've never received bad news (lol).

This is what you do when you receive the bX-994eaq and bX-ru6d8m errors while trying to upload your new blogger template:

[Go to Layout>Edit HTML and download your entire template using the Download Full Template (this is necessary if you want to revert back to your current template).]

Go to Layout>Page Elements and back up all the HTML codes of your widgets to your computer using notepad (you don't want to start all over again).

Remove (delete) the widgets/page elements one by one (manually). Even if you can't remove all the widgets, try removing as much widgets as you can.

(Note: The trick to solving these errors is in manually deleting the widgets.)

Go to Layout>Edit HTML and upload your new template using the upload button.
If there are widgets that have yet to be deleted, confirm the deletion.

If the upload is still unsuccessful, you might want to go to Layout>Pick New Template and choose one of the pre-uploaded blogger templates randomly and save your template. After this, repeat the above steps again.

This is all I know so far as the two error codes are concerned. Believe me, I've changed my templates like a hundred times and have come across these errors many times. I'm not an expert, but I'm persistent. I found out this solution through hit and trial. If it didn't work for you, I'm sorry. If it worked, you're in luck.

As a matter of fact, Blogger does not specify any solution to the errors in question. I'd done a lot of search on the codes and the nearest I came to actually solving them was when I read a blog-post written by an experienced blogger, who alleged that there is a way to bypass the errors, but of which he/she was not supposed to talk about and then went on to bullshit about how best one could report the error to Blogger.

I've got several positive comments on this and am really glad I could be of help. All the best!

1 Comment:

AyuMuslimah said...

oh my, absolutely genius! i faced the same problems..and ur solutions are brilliant! thank u so much..:D

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