Monday, October 6, 2008

Creative Art Template For Blogger

Hey guys check out this wonderful Creative Art Template a one of the kind template with nwe weblayouts.

Download the txt file and upload it our blog, to edit navigation menu find this code div class=’Menu’ , and edit the links below div class=’Menu’ code. Since i’m not a flickr users i do not know to edit flickr section but you can find out how to put flickr album to blogs on the internet.
I have made this template into a txt file so that u can just copy and paste in your blog edit in html region since many are facing problems from blogger uploading the template.


>>>>>>>>>>DOWNLOAD IT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Unknown said...

How can I put something else in the post it note on the right instead of the categories widget?

Nihaar Gujjar said...

Well choose add gadget element below the ad a gadget option in the page elemts page then select and ad ur gadget after that drag ur gadget above the categories or the labels element and u can move ur gadget

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