Sunday, October 5, 2008

How To Add Picture Banner To Blogspot Blog

As you all know blogger is fast developing and including many new features day by day and also maintaining all its features. One of the latest feature of Blogger is the Header image editing feature. Ising this new feature, the image appears in the center, as a background to the title. For more control of your blog and the position of the picture like picture appear on the left or on the right of the title, it may be better to follow this guide.

This guide is about adding an image or picture to your Blogger Header to replace the Header Title, and to add a unique personal touch to your Blog. At the same time, we would like to have a clickable Blogger Header so that anybody clicking on it will be brought directly to your Blog's home page. For purposes of search engine optimization (SEO), we would include a text in the code so that the title of your Blog can still be read by search engine spiders despite your removing the Header text.

Before we begin, if your intention is simply to add a background picture to the Header, but still retaining the Header text and description, please refer to my other article on “Background image for Blogger Header”

Next, you will have to enable additional Page Elements to your Header section. When you log in to your dashboard, and go to Template -> Page Elements, you should see an option for you to add a Page Element above your Header.

Add picture without link to Home page

This is simple. If all you want is to have an additional picture or image above or below your Header text, click the “Add a Page Element” link and select “Picture” to upload the image from your computer. Save and refresh.

Add picture with link to Home page

Instead of uploading the picture, you will need to create a link. To do this, you need to have the picture uploaded somewhere


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